Idaho For Wildlife

Idaho Wildlife Federation, Idaho's trickiest Green Decoy!

Lolo wolf/elk study. This video explains why Idaho wolf populations aren't coming down!

Why Idaho Fish and Game cannot be trusted to manage wolves.

Mike Simpson sure knows how to "bait a hook" promising subsidies to fishing guides after dam breaching!

Dam breaching has consequences! Ask WA anglers what happened to their fishing seasons the last 10 years after dams were breached on the Elwha river?

Comparing Salmon and Steelhead returns on Dammed and Damless rivers

"The Fall from the Summit," IDFG's attempt to give non-hunters and even anti-hunters a seat at the table with Sportsman.

How Sportsmen fought desperately to save the Lolo elk herd from wolves

Was Idaho Fish and Game complicit in wolf re-introduction and what role did they play?

2-2020 Man-eating Wolves by Dr. Charles Kay 

Washington cancels 14 wolf meetings because of threats of violence.

12-3-2017 Coyote attacks 3-year old on front porch

4-10-17 Jim Beers on wolf diseases and reforming the ESA

3-26-2017, Understanding the threat of The Great Northern Landscape Conservation cooperative

2-23-2017  Idaho For Wildlife wins lawsuit over wolf hunting contest!


Dr. David Mech, admits wolf biologists have become advocates rather than Scientists and are embellishing trophic cascades in YNP 

7-2018 Washington Student is chased up a tree near a popular, public campground  to escape a pack of wolves and is rescued by Helicopter:

Idaho's 1st Camo day at the Capital when HSUS joins IDFG's "Front group" ISCAC on January 16, 2007!

Idaho's history with Green Decoy groups

After wolves tree female student the plot thickens as wolf loving Washington state Wildlife officials attempt to order helicopter crew to "STAND DOWN"
in hopes of delaying rescue as they obstruct, impede, and attempt to hide truth so they can protect the sanctify of the wolves over the girl!

 How can IDFG manage elk or wolves when they haven't consistently counted elk and haven't a clue how many we have?

Pro Wolf Nut jobs use parade to pretend to beat, lynch and shoot POTUS Donald Trump in Winchester, Idaho!

 Sage Grouse in Idaho:  IDFG fact based science has "Climate Change" as a bigger killer than predation!

8-12-16 Banning trapping in Russia leads to explosion of wolves, severe livestock predation leading to poverty and a bounty on wolves! 

January 1-4-2015, Salmon, Idaho Predator hunting contest! rates Defenders of Wildlife and warns contributors to not get "sucked into the lies and deceptions!"

6-17-2014:  Anti-Hunters Losing the Battle as Data Shows Significant Rise In Female Hunters

The following 4 articles are about a wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho that killed a $30,000 colt
and reveals just how much effort it can take to bring down just a single killer wolf! 

2-13-2014  Even with an aggressive stallion nearby to protect it, one wolf bite was all it took to kill this beautiful young colt!

2-23-2014, 10 days after colt was killed below, killer wolf returns to the same site and attacks two dogs!

2-28-2014, Long Range Tactical hunters join State and Federal officials in hunt for killer wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho

3-22-2014   Colt Killing-Dog mangling wolf finally is brought down!

12-2013  Salmon Idaho Predator Derby

3-10-2014  Animal rights activists and their death fetishes.

New Idaho elk harvest graphs from 1989-2012. You won't believe you're eyes what wolves have done to Idaho's elk! 

10-15-2013- BC  Forest Safety council issues a Safety Alert about a Close call-wolf pack encounter!


9-14-2013- Idaho Hunter Captures bear attack on Smartphone

 8-19-2013- Wolves kill 176 sheep in Idaho in one night! Feds say stay away!

8-14-2013-The Future of North American Wolves, Interview with Dr. Valerius Geist


Top 20 Largest bull elk of all time

2-11-2013-Idaho Senator rejects Hurlock's confirmation as fish and game commissioner


6-16-2012 Wolf case won't go to the supreme court

5-8-2012:  Environmental groups collecting millions from federal agencies they sue, studies show


3-8-2012 SFW Founder Don Peay Declares that North American Hunting Model is 'Socialism'

3-2012 Utah Hunters Criticize Market Approach to Licenses and Conservation

3-2012 Idaho Governor Butch Otter on Wolves, "We don't want them here"!

9-15-2012 Michigan Archery Hunter Survives Idaho Grizzly Attack

The "Outdoorsman" Jan-2012 Do you have the courage to admit the truth?

1-2012 Good video explaining the "wild lands project".

1-11-2012 14 cattle trucks burned in arson at Harris Ranch by Animal-rights activists

12-21-2011 MT Governor halts federal wildlife shipments - 10th Amendment

12-4-2011 Elk Stuns Idaho Zoo Keepers as it rescues hapless marmot from his water trough!

11-5-2011 Jim Beers: "Why they love Predators".

10-8-2011 Portage Grizzly Bear Attack while duck hunting. Is this our future with an unmanaged grizzly?

10-12-2011 Idaho Women Becomes The Hunted In Idaho Wolf Attack


10-2011 "Crying Wolf the Movie" ,A must see!

9-15-2011 Young Idaho girl harvests bull while archery hunting full of hydatid cysts........(More here)

9-7-2011 Feds drop Against Bonners Ferry Man Who Killed Grizzly

7-10-2011- Dr.Charles Kay joins IFW members and IDFG commissioners on horseback for a day of wolf political education

5-30-2011-George Dovel's newest Outdoorsman- New wolf Bill-is it a wildlife recovery solution?

4-7-2011-Idaho Senate supports bill to declare emergency for wolf management

3-31-2011-Idaho Fish and Game announces new director, Virgil Moore


10-28-2010-MT Hunters experience bad encounter with Flathead wolf pack

10-20-2010-The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda - Part One by Boone and Crockett.pdf

10-19-2010: Idaho No Longer Feds Designated Agent For Managing Wolves

10-19-2011: IDFG Director Cal Groen charged with trespassing near Elk City

9-20-2010-Hunter and guide in Idaho's Selway have close encounter with bold wolves.pdf

7-31-2010: Dr. Valerious Geist's letter to Steve Alder regarding the dangers of hydatid diseases

7-28-2010: 1 dead and 2 inured in grizzly bear attack in MT campground

6-15-2010: Idaho Outfitters only kill 2 wolves in special hunt, Dr. Geist says, "Hunting will not control wolves".

Alaska Wolf Control does Work

5-2010- NRA's , American Hunter magazine article, "Who IS Crying Wolf?

Anytime we need a reminder just  how ignorant, shallow and fanatical the radical environmentalists are…… take a look at the following website and review some of the comments

"The Outdoorsman" finally reveals the truth about the illegal Idaho Wolf introduction! Idaho F&G Director Warns F&G Commission Not to Show Controversial Wolf Documents to Public

4-1-2010 "Decline of elk and elk depredation by wolves" by Gene Eastman

 4-8-2010 RMEF response letter to Defenders

2-27-2010: Governor Otter requests much needed wolf bill to be "suppressed"!

1-2010: Dr. Valerius Geist's comments regarding hydatid wolf diseases.

12-10-09: George Dovel's newest "Outdoorsman", Provides the most comprehensive wolf information to date. 

9-3-2009: Hunter badmouthed and harassed over legal wolf harvest

9-1-2009: Judge weighs wolf decision as Idaho hunters head out

A  2009 Idaho legislative report estimates each Idaho elk has an economic value of $8,000 which in 2021 translates to almost $10,000!!

8-28-2009: Wolves sport kill 120 sheep near Dillon, MT

8-17-2009: Idaho announces a Fall Wolf hunt to harvest 220 wolves

7-15-2009: Greater Yellowstone elk suffer worse nutrition and lower birth rates due to wolves