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Wolf Recovery in the Northern Rockies: What Pro-Wolf Advocates Do Not Want You to Know

1- Are ecosystems structured from the top down or bottom-up A new look at an old debate

2- Aspen, elk, and fire in the Rocky Mountain national parks of North America

3- Long-Term Ecosystem States and Processes in Banff National Park and the Central Canadian Rockies – Abstract

3.1- Long-Term Ecosystem States and Processes in Banff National Park and the Central Canadian Rockies – Complete Report

4- A Comparison of Sheep-and Wildlife-Grazed Willow Communities in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

5- Repeat Photography and Long-term Vegetation Change on the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station and Other Rangelands in the Centennial Mountains

6- wolves in the west-What the Government does not want you to know about wolf recovery (1993)

7- An Alternative Interpretation of the Historical Evidence Relating to the Abundance of Wolves in the Yellowstone Ecosystem Wolf abundance in Yellowstone

8- Wolf Recovery,political Ecology, and endangered species (1996)

9- Is Aspen Doomed

10- Response of Shrub-Aspen to Yellowstone’s 1988 Wildfires Implications for Natural Regulation Management

11- Aspen Forest Communities A Key Indicator of Ecological Integrity In the Rocky Mountains

12- The Condition and Trend of Aspen, Populus Tremuloides, in Kootenay and Yoho National Parks Implications for Ecological Integrity

13- Ungulate Herbivory on Utah aspen Assessment of long-term exclosures

14 Aspen Seedling in Recently Burned Areas of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

15 Yellowstone’s Northern Elk Herd A Critical Evaluation of the Natural Regulation Paradigm- Dissertation Abstract

16- The Dumbing down of government-Alston Chase

17- Book Review-The Jackson Elk Herd Intensive Wildlife Management in North America

18- Bison Fact Sheet

19- Aspen A New Perspective – Implications For Park Management and Ecological Integrity

20- Aboriginal Overkill- The Role of Native Americans in Structuring Western Ecosystems

21- Aboriginal overkill and the biogeograpy of moose in W. North America

22- Ecosystems Then and Now A Historical-Ecological Approach to Ecosystem Management

23- Aboriginal Overkill and Native Burning Implications for Modern Ecosystem Management

24- Long-Term Ecosystem States and Processes in the Central Canadian Rockies A New Perspective on Ecological Integrity and Ecosystem Management

25- Pre-Columbian Human Ecology- Aboriginal hunting and burning have serious implications for park management

26- Natural or Healthy Ecosystems Are U.S. National Parks Providing Them

27- Scientists Fight Over Who’s Faithful to Yellowstone

28- The Impact of Native Ungulates and Beaver on Riparian Communities in the Intermountain West

29- Willows and Moose A Study of Grazing Pressure, Slough Creek Exclosure, Montana, 1961-1986

30- Yellowstones Unraveling- The ecosystem is in grave peril and the most damage is caused by elk

31- Conservation was once a GOP mainstay

32- Conflicting Blueprints for Protecting National Parks

33- Scientist says Yellowstone Park is being destroyed

34- Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands Oversight Hearing on Science and Resource Management in the National Park System

35- Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health Oversight Hearing on the Decline of Aspen in the Western United States

36- Yellowstone Ecological Malpractice

37- Viewpoint Ungulate herbivory, willows, and political ecology in Yellowstone

38- Historical Condition of Woody Vegetation on Yellowstone’s Northern Range A Critical Evaluation of the Natural Regulation Paradigm

39- Reduction of Willow Seed Production by Ungulate Browsing in Yellowstone National Park

40- Tall-Willow Communities on Yellowstones Northern Range A Test of the Natural-Regulation Paradigm

41- Browsing by native ungulates effects on shrub and seed in greater Yellowstone

42 - Bison Myths, Natural Regulation, and Native Hunting A Solution to the Yellowstone Bison Problem

43- Policies violate the law

44- Lessons from the Yellowstone Ecosystem A Critical Evaluation of Natural Regulation Management

45- Coming unglued- Wild elk are damaging some of Yellowstone Parks river systems, says hydrologist

46- Yellowstone- Before & After

47- Historical Wildlife Observations in the Canadian Rockies Implications for Ecological Integrity

48- Reintroduction of Bison Into the Rocky Mountain Parks of Canada Historical and Archaeological Evidence

49- Plains Bison Restoration in the Canadian Rocky Mountains Ecological and Management Considerations

50- Long-Term Aspen Exclosures in the Yellowstone Ecosystem

51- Evaluation of Burned Aspen Communities in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

52- Eighty Years of Vegetation and Landscape Changes in the Northern Great Plains A Photographic Record

53- Native Burning in Western North America Implications for Hardwood Forest Management

54- Wilderness and Political Ecology Aboriginal Influences and the Original State of Nature

55- Long-Term Vegetation Change on Utahs Fishlake National Forest A Study in Repeat Photography

56- The Atlantic Monthly 1491

57- Afterward False Gods, Ecological Myths, and Biological Reality

58- Lewis and Clark, Aboriginal Overkill, and the Myth of Once Abundant Wildlife

59- Aspen Management Guidelines for BLM Lands in North-Central Nevada

60- The Dark Side A Corrupt System of Preservation Science Muzzles the Governments Own Honest Scholars

61- Yellowstones Unnatural Disaster

62- Predation,lies, myths, and scientific fraud

63- Are predators killing your hunting opportunies

64- Deer & Elk Competition Are Mule Deer getting the short end of the stick

65- Kenyas Wildlife Debacle, The true Cost of Banning Hunting

66- Conservation and Society

67- Predatory Bureaucracy-The extermination of Wolves and the transformation of the West

68- The high cost of Predation

69- Testimony before the US House on national parks, forests, and public land oversight hearing on YNP Bison

70- The Canadian Field-Naturalist

71-Are lightning fires unnatural-A comparison of aboriginal and lighting fire ignition rates in the USA

72-The Return of the caribou to Ungava

73-How to grow trophy mule deer

74-where have all the flowers gone

75-range reference areas

76-wolf predation-more bad news

77-wolf recovery-is delisting rigged

78-mule deer-past and present

79-The forest health crisis how did we get in this mess

80-Aspen- a vanishing resource

82-Predation and the ecology of fear

83-Predator mediated competition

84-The Evils of Pinyon and Juniper

85-Kaibab deer inciddent-myths-lies and scientific fraud

86-The art and science of counting deer

87-Wolf delisting the legal battle part 1

88-Wolf delisting the legal battle part 2


Banff and canadian ecosystems

Is the North American Model of Wildlife conservation doomed for failure?

Do Mule Deer populations cycle (Muley Crazy 11-2011)

Why do mule deer migrate? (Muley Crazy 11-2012)

Do predators always kill substandard individuals? (Muley Crazy 2-2013)

KEYSTONE PREDATION and Tropbic Cascades, Muley Crazy 12-2013

Aboriginal influences and the orignal state of nature

Wolves and Livestock: The never ending battle 

Vegetarians: The Scourge of the Earth!  From the loss of biodiversity to carbon dioxide emissions, all can be traced to vegetarians, not hunters ! 

2-2020 Man-eating Wolves by Dr. Charles Kay 

6-2020  Bear Predation:  New Insights on an old problem 



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