Lolo wolf/elk study. This video explains why Idaho wolf populations aren't coming down!

BC Biologist states it's not habitat killing Caribou calves, it's predators. “100 calves died, three of disease and 97 from predators."" Those are utterly astounding numbers."

B.C. wolf cull needed to save elk and moose says biologist. Entire herds disappearing. Expert says outcry over wolf culs to save mountain caribou is "misguided." 

Expert says elk are living along roads and houses to escape predators and their high visibility gives a false impression of lots of elk but in fact the elk have largely vanished from the backcountry where they used to be great in numbers.

4-2014  Have wolves really saved Yellowstone? More studies expose the "Trophic Cascade" fraud perpetuated by so called wolf biologists!

4-2014 Environmentalists crying wolf? New Study shows YNP "trophic Cascade" worshippers might have been mistaken? 

3-5-2014  Research shows cows aren't crying wolf

Cows witnessing wolf attacks suffer symptons similar to PTSD

2-2014  Dr. David Mech, the man who invented "Balance of nature",  refutes his own claim. Says "Balance of Nature" a Myth.

2-2013: New decade-long YNP experiment exposes "Trophic Cascade" myth perpetuated by so called wolf "Scientists"    

4-2012  Dr. David Mech's article, "Is science in danger of sanctifying the wolf"?


3-11-2012 Dr. Valerius Geist speech on the North American Model of wildlife conservation given in Limerick, Ireland 2006

3-2012 Fatal Wolf and Coyote Interaction – this is how wolves kill other canines


1-20-2012 Mountian Caribou infusion in Canada requires wolf cull: MLA

6-1-2011 Wolves switch up to beef, says study

12-29-2010 Wolf size depends on when they last ate

10-13-2010-Study finds wolves genetically diverse and dispersing despite radical enviro's claims

9-2-2010-Are Wolves Saving Yellowstone's Aspen Trees from Elk?

4-7-2010, Idaho's Lolo zone elk population drops 57% in just 4 years! Wolves proven to be largest cause of mortality.


Science Daily also agrees that wolves are not saving Yellowstone's aspen trees as the agenda driven enviro's claim!

12-6-2008  Idaho's Lolo Zone:  ""Of the known causes of death, 75 percent are wolves," Pauley said. "Wolves appear to be driving low cow survival."

Defenders of Wildlife admits that predators limit game populations in the recent article, "The Lost Frontier In Alaska's war on predators, politics trumps science". ----Dr. Charles Kay writes a preface to this.

Summary of Alaska's predator management program

Arthur T. Bergerud, " Wolf predation in a multiple-ungulate system in northern British Columbia"

Arthur T. Bergerud, The need for the management of wolves an open letter

Arthur T Bergerud’s new book review: The_Return_of_Caribou_to_Ungava_


Dr. Valerius Geist: When do wolves become dangerous to humans?

Dr. Valerius Geist: Hydatid diseases-Synopsis Wolf February 7th 2010

Dr. Valerius Geist: Wolves: When ignorance is Bliss

Dr. Valarius Geist– Kent Carnegie and wolf political correctness 2 part article
 Dr. Valarius Geist– Did the wolves balance the ecosystem near his home on Vancouver Island BC?


See the attached summary of Alaska’s predator management program

An Interview with Will Graves, the Author of “WOLVES IN RUSSIA: Anxiety Through the Ages”, by Jim Beers.

Coronation Island wolf study in Alaska (What happens if wolves aren't managed and how they balance the eco-system)?


When Biologists Stocked Alaska with Wolves , (More info on Coronation Island study)

Did Teddy Roosevelt See Different Wolves Than Historians Claim Existed Once In N. Rockies?

1993-What the Government does not want you to know about wolf recovery


1996-Wolf Recovery,political Ecology, and endangered species

George Dovel’s “The Outdoorsman”,  26 January 2008 What They Didn’t Tell You About Wolf Recovery

Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages (Paperback)”,  by Will Graves (Author) , Valerius Geist (Contributor)

Is delisting rigged?, by Dr. Charles E. Kay

Predation, lies, myths and scientific fraud  By Dr. Charles E. Kay

The high cost of predation, By Dr. Charles E. Kay

Will Graves 1993 letter to Ed Bangs

The Myths of Wolf Behavior