10 day's after this family lost their valuable colt, in Sun Valley, Idaho, the same wolf attacks their dogs in broad daylight!   

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2014
Steve Alder, Idaho For Wildlife



Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 2:26 PM
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Subject: Just Happened! Two Dog Attcked by wolf




About 1:30 PM Today the same wolf that ( I have blood on my hands as I type this ) attacked and killed our colt JR Luna Azul just attacked mytwo Border Collie males. They  fought it off but have bloody necks and bit up legs. Its a miracle they are alive. The wolf took off and is up a steep hill. Kevin is hunting it as I write this. I will send you pictures of dogs. Sam USDA wants pictures right now!! This is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Subject: Wolf Attack pictures TODAY!!!!!




OMG!!!........... The same wolf that killed JR Luna Azul ambushed two Border Collies right after I let them out of their pen this afternoon. The attack was 300 yard from Kevin and I. We were feeding and watering dogs. The two border Collies went up Elk creek that runs in the field. The wolf ambushed and attacked both Border Collies  by a reservoir in the field. It appears to have left more black wolf hair in the snow ( from dogs biting back ) and lots of blood. The dogs Kyber and Joey are fine just tons of blood everywhere and puncture wounds caused by wolf teeth. This is the same wolf that killed my colt. Same track size and black wolf hair in the snow. Kevin is hunting it as I am writing this. I hope he kills it! I called USDA pilot Sam Kocheranes and Alex Head with Idaho Department Of Fish & Game. I told them we need HELP!!!! The wolf attacked the dogs 300 yards away from us at 1:45 PM. We were feeding and watering dogs. I noticed the big ravens were in the trees above the house when we got home from picking up meat scrapes in town for the dogs. A wild coyote I named Lucky went running full speed in front of our truck as we pulled into the driveway. She was heading hell bent for election for a steep hill side across from the house. I should have seen the signs!! My two Border Collies were so fortunate. This wolf has to be extremely hungry to attack in broad daylight. We are very concerned at this point!


Really frightned!!


Jennifer Swigert                              

From 2-13-2014 when they lost their colt:

"Yesterday a part of me died with my little friend JR Luna Azul."
"RIP my beautiful colt!" 
I will hunt down the wolf that did this".....
"Rest assured, it is now living on borrowed time."

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions!!!"
Jennifer Swigert, Sun Valley, ID  2-13-2014













Black hair of attacking wolf. Same wolf that attacked the colt 10 days earlier