Public Hearing For Idaho Emergency Wolf Bill Stopped

February 27, 2010


There will be no public hearing on HRC043, Idaho’s Wolf Emergency Resolution.


The word I have received from sources say Governor Otter has requested that the House Resources chairman, John A. Stevenson, “suppress” this bill. In other words he doesn’t want it acted on in the Idaho Legislature. What is it that Governor Otter fears? What happened to the governor who stood on the steps of the Capital and announced he wanted to be the first to kill a wolf?


Tony Mayer,, is encouraging all Idaho residents to contact their representative and voice concerns. He drafted a sample letter if you choose to use it when emailing your representative.


Representatives Stevenson and Shepard:

We are disappointed in your decision to suppress HRC043 Wolf Emergency Resolution as this is a small but very necessary measure to encourage our governor to take proactivenecessary steps to deal with the untenable wolf crisis in our state.


We further request that you encourage and support additional measures and legislation directed at taking additional necessary measures to reduce the population of the Canadian Gray Wolves in our state back to the original agreed FWS approved WolfManagement Plan population level of 150 wolves.


Allowing the original introduction of the Canadian Gray Wolf into our state was ill-advised and a mistake in the first place. Continuing to allow the wolf population to vastly exceed by some eight to ten times the original 150 wolf level is catastrophic and is causing irreparable harm to our citizens.


Wolves are depredating ungulate herds throughout our state and are proven harbingers’ of highly contagious parasites. Wolves are jeopardizing the very safety and health of our citizens, our livestock and state wildlife resources.


We encourage you to fulfill thefiduciary responsibility you have to your constituency and to take whatever action within your prevue to preserve and protectthe citizens and the resources of our state.


Tony Mayer