ISCAC's history as Idaho Fish and Games NGO "Front group" and Idaho's 1st Camo Day at the State Capital

On February 21, 2004, former democratic senator David Langhorst, who started the Wolf Education and Research Center, and who was pushing hard to bring wolves into Idaho founded the Idaho Sportsmen's Caucus (ISCAC). ISCAC would become the most prominent "Front Group" NGO for Idaho Fish and game to carry out their agenda. For example ISCAC would lobby for IDFG issues such as fighting against emergency winter feeding, fighting against domestic elk ranches, fighting against aggressive predator control and pushing for IDFG fee increases. ISCAC and Langhorst also fought  against the Right To Hunt legislation in Idaho, and finally after the failure of several bills in 2007, Langhorst went to work for the State Tax commission. The goal of ISCAC was to represent all of Idaho's sportsmen's groups under their umbrella thus giving them much more power and influence when they can claim to represent tens of thousands of Idaho Sportsmen. Since green decoy funding primarily consists of outside dark green leftist funding, conservative Republican Legislators and their polices are always going to be under attack.



The Humane Society of Idaho joins ISCAC for the first Camo day on JAN 16 2007

 By 2006, wolves had destroyed much of Idaho's back country regions and sportsmen were fed up. Sportsmen organized an anti wolf rally at the capital for January 11th 2006. This is where Gov. Otter claimed he wanted to buy the first wolf tag and to reduce wolf numbers significantly. The enviros went berserk over Otter's position on wolves and so did the green decoy groups. When this anti wolf rally was scheduled, ISCAC   decided to also schedule a rally at the capital a few days later to focus on IDFG agenda's such as banning elk farming in Idaho. Radical environmentalist and activist Ralph Maughan applauded Camo day claiming "The more progressive sportsmen have their day at the Idaho Capital."  ISCAC claimed to represent 31 sportsmen's groups at the event claiming that approximately 200 sportsmen attended but one attendee counted 92 participants. Even Field & Stream wrote an article stating HSUS was behind Idaho's Camo day.  



ISCAC exposed and rebrands
Finally Idaho conservative lawmakers and sportsmen figured out that ISCAC was just another green decoy and IDFG front group so they rebranded as the Idaho Sportsmens Alliance (ISA). Their website is still under construction but they have a Facebook page with very limited activity. Their green decoy sister group in Montana is very active on radical environmental causes. With ISCAC's demise, the Idaho Wildlife Federation has taken over as Idaho's premier green decoy group and former ISCAC members and leaders seem to be very content with the Federation's environmental agenda and tricky tactics.