Bonners Ferry Youth hunt 2010!

By: Kevin Kimp 
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The day was a real good one. We started out at the Bonners Ferry Gun Club with a short safety meeting and the assistance and instruction of the gun club members. The kids shot trap for about an hour and learned how to follow through with their motion on the target and got quiet good by the end of the session. We had a small BBQ/chili feed and then took the kids to the Copeland area on the Krause property for the hunt. The pheasants were donated by Joseph Peterson of the Flying B Ranch and were delivered and released by Jim Hagedorn of Viola Idaho. The hunt began early in the afternoon with our old lab and one hunter at a time. By the end of the day each child got to shoot at a bird but no one was successful at taking a bird. It was lots of fun and a good day for all in the end

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Bonners Ferry Goose Nesting Project 2009! 



About a dozen Bonners Ferry Chapter volunteers from Idaho For Wildlife work with members of the Idaho Fish and Game, on goose nesting projects designed to improve wildlife habitat at the Boundary Creek Management area.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game provided the materials for putting up six boxes, which were filled with straw.
“We felt like we really accomplished a lot and are looking forward to the fruits of our labor next spring when we have nests full of young goslings,” said Kevin Kimp, president for the local group.

“We are conservationists also and we like to give back. We have a sense of obligation to give back to nature,” Kemp added. Volunteers were served lunch after completing their work.