I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong......... Abraham Lincoln




"Wolves in Anti Wolf Clothing"
Sportsmen don't become the next prey of this 2 legged predator!
By Steve Alder, Executive Director for Idaho For Wildlife

When Idaho For Wildlife was first organized, we created a very powerful mission statement relating to fighting against anti-hunting groups and holding state and Federal agencies accountable who have anti-hunting/radical environmental agendas which are threatening sportsmen and our 2nd amendment rights. Never in a million years did we believe we would be having to warn and protect honest sportsman from potential internet cyber thugs who were trolling the web on the prowl for $ from innocent sportsmen! We have learned that Save Western Wildlife founder and leader Scott Rockholm is someone to stay clear of! He is extremely cunning and crafty at taking advantage of the trusting qualities of most people. Mr. Rockholm uses "Cult" like leadership tactics to control his people and attract new naive cyber followers. He has become well known to bully, ridicule and attack anyone that doesn't abide by his desires and demand, (Those who have suffered his wrath know exactly what I ‘am talking about!) He uses coercion and psychological isolation tactics to keep his cyber followers in check. Once his followers submit to him they are treated well but if they get out of line they had better "Watch Out! By fabricating blatant lies about his enemies who may expose him, he insulates his followers from knowing the truth. When Rockholm first came on the scene, I watched him boldly attack and fabricate a story about a friend of mine and for a while I believed Rockholm because normal people don’t act like this. The tragedy is many good people can be deceived in the short term with his tactics.

 Some Sportsmen might rationalize that we should all stand together and fight even if one of our own team players is caught lying, stealing or bulling their own own teammates. Should we dismiss the fact that a few lies here and there won't make a difference because we'll all in this battle together against a common radical anti-hunting enemy who lied to us? With the recent scandal's in Washington DC, there should be new meaning to the words, "What difference, at this point, does it make?”

 In May of 2012, we began receiving complaints from Sportsman who claimed they paid $ to Scott Rockholm for accomplishments they felt were questionable. Then we observed SWW make the following post, "It takes $ to take the gang green out of IDFG". This got our attention because we had heard Rockholm had been taking $ for claiming he was single handedly cleaning up IDFG. So we asked SWW leaders for a list of their accomplishments and they provided some of the following. I guess they assumed no one would ever follow-up to verify these claims of accomplishment.


Many of us had high hopes for Mr. Rockholm as he appeared to be doing the right thing for the right reason when he first got involved. We had him speak at one of our IFW events where he recognized Idaho for Wildlife and Steve Alder for providing him with a wake up call and helping him get where he's at today in this fight. The only reason this is coming out now is because we've been forced to respond to some of Mr. Rockholm's recent actions by the Idaho governors office. We also maintain that no amount of success or accomplishment justifies stealing,lying or taking advantage of our Sportsman! 100% of our claims can be substantiated with documented facts.

In my opinion, Mr. Rockholm started out with the best of intentions but his ego and lust for $ consumed him and and has adversely affected him.I want to say I have nothing against any of his SWW followers except a Barry Coe who you'll shortly understand why. In my opinion, Mr. Rockholm has no positive influence with Idaho policy makers especially our IDFG commission due to his constant threats and attacks against them. Mr. Rockholm has taken "Creeper" pictures of Idaho Fish and game commissioner Tony McDermott and posted them all over facebook claiming he's the one being stalked by McDermott!

 In 2011, enviromental groups like  Suzanne Stone from Defenders of Wildlife along with a few misguided people like  Mr Rockholm  fought very hard against the Simpson CR that allowed wolves to be hunted in Idaho. I have copies of emails I've sent apologizing to Congressman Mike Simpson's staff on behalf of Mr. Rockholm's abuse to him for legislation which made possible Idaho's current wolf hunting seasons. Recently I've seen attempts on Facebook where members of this group are actually taking credit for wolf delisting and targeting very wealthy individuals on Social media. Seeing these cronies attempt to target innocent victims who they think have some $ for accomplishments they actually fought AGAINST is despicable at best! 

  Following are a few claims that SWW made that perspective donors may wish to review:


SWW Claim 1: $1,000 donation to Rockholm for shutting down the Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife summit:


One donor innocently gave $1,000 to Scott Rockhom President of SWW for claiming he and IDFG commissioner Fred Trevey had shut down the IDFG wildlife summit. Unfortunately once this man and other Sportsmen went public with their accusations of alleged fraud, they became the victims of vicious attacks and ridicule by Rockholm and loyalists. The man below received over 10 threatening emails from Scott Rockholm including one warning him that it is a felony to even threaten Scott with an IRS audit! We have posted 8 emails at the last page, See Exhibit 1 below). Mr Rockhom constantly threatens and closely controls his Facebook group followers demanding them to "unfriend" people  who could be a threat to him and to keep them isolated from the truth. 

"I nearly had it shut down and they revived it"said Mr. Rockholm as he was not only attempting to accept donations for shutting down the summit, but was advertising on his website that if folks would donate to this cause he could shut down the summit. He was selling "Wolf Howler" calls and other items from his website  claiming these proceeds would also help get the summit shut down. As soon as he realized he was being monitored for this, his website was taken down and claimed it was "hacked by the enviros". 





Truth:   Response from Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Trevey regarding Scott Rockholm's claims of nearly having the summit shut down: 



To my recollection I have only talked with Mr. Rockholm once and never on the phone.  The one time I had a very brief conversation with him was at the November 2011 Commission meeting in CdA.  That conversation was at the public meeting the evening before the Commission business meeting at which we were briefed on the Summit.  Upon learning during the briefing that planning efforts up to that time focused on a dialog with non-hunting groups, I did express my concerns on the record that organizations such as IFW and the RMEF were not in the loop.  I have had subsequent conversations with Department personnel regarding my concerns with the process, especially the relatively small amount of time sportsmen have to directly express and develop their respective issues and concerns.  At no time have I suggested to the Director or other Department personnel involved in developing the Summit that the event be called off.  

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this inaccurate allegation.

Fred Trevey
Idaho Fish and game commissioner


SWW Claim 2: SWW claimed they met with David Allen the President of the Rocky Mountain elk foundation and with Mr. Rockholm's tremendous influence, 
encouraged Mr. Allen to step forward and become more aggressive with wolf management.

"Yes, we have met with David Allen, yes encouraged him to step forward and  take the position he did". "You see we approached him before RMEF changed course".....Barry Coe, S.W.W.  (See post here)



RMEF Response: 

David Allen 
Steve Alder
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Scott Rockholm and Barry Coe


"I have never met with either of them to discuss any such thing.  I shook Mr. Rockholm's hand on the way out of a conference room once but we never had any discussion about anything. I do not know the other guy." ............David Allen  President & CEO Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

 The only time Mr. Rockholm met David Allen was at the  SRM symposium in MT in Feb 2011 while in passing. RMEF had turned around their position on wolves at least 3 years earlier under David's leadership and years before SWW was even formed!) Mr. Allen was not even working for RMEF before they "Changed Course" so the claim they "Approached Mr. Allen before RMEF changed course", was also another fabrication.



SWW 2nd fraudulant  RMEF Claim:  On Sep 2nd 2013 Scott Rockholm posted on his Facebook that he met with David Allen and "taped" a meeting where Mr. Allen claimed he was going to fire an employee (David Stallings) an editor of Bugle Magazine. The only problem is David Stallings left RMEF only 13 years ago and David Allen has never met the man!


From:David Allen 
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 4:03 PM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: RE: RMEF donation to WS


He said he taped it………..let’s see the tape!!! Dave Stallings worked for Bugle some 10-12 years ago. I have never even met Stallings, let alone fired him. I we have not fired any Bugle since. Tell Scott to produce the tape.




M David Allen | President/CEO
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation



 SWW Claim 3: "It was Scott and I who had a personal meeting with Senator Pearce to bring this to his attention and get his support in supporting Mr. Hill." 


For those not familiar with the Jeremy Hill Grizzly Bear incident, (click here.)



The Jeremy Hill Grizzly incident began on May 8th, and was just ending at the time of this alleged SWW meeting with Senator Pearce on August 19 at the Idaho Liberty Summit meeting in Challis, ID. It was at this meeting in Challis that SWW leaders claimed they brought this to Senator Pearce's attention. Following is a link and a date of the Idaho Liberty Summit meeting in Challis. I've spoken with Senator Pearce about this meeting twice now while we were discussing future legislative ideas and on both occassions he claimed he never met with either Scott Rockholm or Barry Coe about Jeremy Hill. He reiterated there was no "Meeting" about Jeremy Hill between him, Scott Rockholm or Barry Coe and this is a false claim. He did meet Scott and remembered he had a camera.  Senator Pearce reminded me that he was very well aware of the Jeremy Hill issue well before this late August meeting.   



 Idaho Liberty Summit to be held in Challis, Idaho August 19-21. 


SWW Claim 4:  Scott Rockholm discussing how he has raised a "Ton of Money" then turns around 4 months later claiming "I am holding the debit"! He begs for $ claiming "he is the only one that will be looking out" for his followers. This is extremely inappropriate for a 501 (c3) non-profit organization and fortunately many folks ran away from his group after this!(shortly after the following donations,  Scott took his family on a trip to France, England, and  Ireland, and he is planning another trip in December.)   Lucky Man!




 "We are talking about a ton of money that I have raised"……….Scott Rockholm 12-24-2011-Facebook Message



Then in April 2012, he posted the following on his wall claiming he has to continue pouring his own money in his battle. He uses guilt and martyrdom to manipulate his followers into giving him more $.  Below his post are comments from his followers feeling sorry and offering help. There were thousands of dollars donated to him that day and we were removed from his facebook Page before we could get a copy of all of the additional donors.



"I refuse to continue pouring my own money into a losing bet. Twenty million hunters refuse to wake up, and I am ...left holding the debit. Just yesterday I had to pull another $500.00 out of my savings to cover the costs of keeping SWW going. Every penny from the sales of my film have gone into this fight, and it has all been for nothing."

        Scott Rockholm:

"I realize today that the thousands of dollars I have spent, and the thousands of hours stollen from my life are all in vain. I realize that everyone is strapped, and has their own lives and activities to pursue. "

"That is why I am going to stop my part of the fight, and leave the stage. I refuse to continue pouring my own money into a losing bet. Twenty million hunters refuse to wake up, and I am ...left holding the debit. Just yesterday I had to pull another $500.00 out of my savings to cover the costs of keeping SWW going. Every penny from the sales of my film have gone into this fight, and it has all been for nothing. 
We are fighting a multimillion dollar animal and the organizations that are supposed to be my ally's, are working against everything I believe. No one will be looking out for you now, so you will have to do it yourselves. SWW was free to join, and it literally took every penny I had to my name. Very few people have helped, and for the few that did, thanks.
Take care, and best of luck to you all."                  ………………….Scott Rockholm 4-2012


"I PLEDGE TO YOU to send what I can today and every month to SWW but like the rest I am on a fixed income."

"Someone had the idea of each of us paying $10 or so a month to help you with your funding. I like that idea a lot, especially if it would help you remain in the fight!"

"If I win the lotto I will donate MILLIONS to support SWW"!! 

"I'm a lifer"

"I was going to sell and donate the money to SWW"

"I will send what I can if it will help!"

"Ok I just put one hundred into SWW with my credit card!"

"please support Scott Rockholm of SaveWesternWildlife.org as well as he also has been funding this wolf fight from his own pocket".


SWW Claim 5: that IDFG commissioner Tony McDermott got drunk with wolf lovers and the next day makes a motion to up the wolf count from 100 to 900! Mr. Rockholm claimed he nailed Mr. McDermott at the meeting in front of everyone and he had affidavits from 2 people who were right there who witnessed the death threat against him! This was a complete fabrication as neither of those who wrote the letters were even at the meeting!


 (Click here for the recording on the radio where Rockholm fabricates another dandy!)



SWW Claim 6:  Idaho house bill 343 (The emergency wolf bill) (Click here for the post)

"Scott and I were both instrumental in HB343". "Yet IFW took the defeatist position on it."..Barry Coe


Truth: Senator Monty Pearce initially called Ron Gillette to organize speakers for the testimony on HB-343.  Ron called me and wanted my opinion for speakers. I was asked to testify but declined due to health issues and because I knew I could be more powerful at lobbying legislators and preparing email and videos for this campaign from my office

Following isn't exactly what I would consider a "Defeatist Position."

To help support the passage of HB343, IFW initiated a plan to join forces with the Idaho Freedom foundation to bring Jim Beers in to Boise to speak to our legislators. I called David Allen president of RMEF and he agreed to support us also. Scott was furious and sent out an email (Below) that this Jim Beers event was not important because everyone should just watch his Youtube videos! I explained to Scott that during the legislative session the legislators do not have time to sit around and watch videos and this was the only effective tool to educate the legislators and it turned out to be very effective.  Scott also mentions "Empire building" below, and this occurred each time other groups were working on large campaigns without him and he was not receiving any glory or being seen in the limelight.



Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 11:35 PM
To: Steve Alder Idaho for Wildlife; maurice@isteve@
Subject: RE: Jim Beers - Wolves
To all,

How the hell are we going to turn this around? Is a Jim Beers luncheon going to turn this around or raise money? I just finished filming the remaining elk in the Norther Yellowstone herd. Yellowstone is not dying, it is dead. So, ask yourself. Are we going to make a difference by paying Jim Beers to speak again? I already have his testimony, and it is in my film. 

I am disappointed by the lack of confidence in my documentary. I just filmed the last three days in Yellowstone, and it is dead. Can Jim Beers give you that? I cannot show you how bad it is until my film is released. Jim Beers is a outstanding man, and I appreciate his willingness to stay involved. I just want more from the organizations that are responsible for saving my elk. I am now in Jackson filming, and I have yet to hear from any of you. Are we on the same page, or are we empire building?
Scott Rockholm 

SWW Claim 7:  regarding IDFG commissioners:   "These commissioners did not willingly bring about these changes, they were FORCED to. They sat on their asses while wolves remained listed and had zero to do with them being delisted". The trapping was NOT the commissioner's idea, they may want to take credit, but that credit lays with several of the real biologists that encouraged them and explained the necessity for it. You see, the commissioners do nothing about management decisions that are not run through biologists, both good ones and bad ones. 

Truth:  Gov. Otter didn't even know at the time that commissioner Trevey was going to make the motion to suspend the wolf plan of 2008-2012 calling for 500-700 wolves and bring back the 2002 plan of 150 wolves.  Wrong again about the biologist calling the shots! They advise only and the role of the commission is to establish the hunting and fishing seasons, bag limits, ect. ect.

SWW Claim 8:  Misrepresenting Idaho Governor Otters office: Scott Rockholm fabricated another story in his letter entitled, "Evasion of Justice"regarding commissioner McDermott when he wrote the following:

"The Governors assistant, Bonnie Butler, assembled Steve Alder, Billijo Beck, and Tony McDermott for a telephone conference, to discuss the facts of the case."

Facts: We contacted the Governors office and this was the response:


I have not seen Mr. Rockholm's letter "Evasion of Justice".  With that being said, the Governor's office nor I "assembled" anyone to discuss "the facts of the case."  I assume "the case" is referring to Mr. Rockholm's accusations against Commissioner McDermott.  In a concerted effort to fully examine the merits of the accusation, I did call you and Commissioner McDermott, as well as others who were listed as witnesses to the events outlined by Mr. Rockholm, in individual calls.  I didn't actually speak with Billijo Beck, as I recall, but have email documents and a letter from Billijo to the Governor regarding "the case".  There was NOT a group call of any kind.  The Governor's office did take Mr. Rockholm's concerns seriously and examined the issue fully.  If Mr. Rockholm feels more needs to be done, he should contact the local authorities.  The Governor's office suggested he do that if he felt he was in jeopardy.  BB  

Bonnie Butler
Senior Special Assistant for Agriculture
and Natural Resources
Office of the Governor
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Exhibit 1:

Emails from Scott Rockholm to a Sportsman who donated $1000.00 to SWW and then questioned where and how his donation was used:

Email 1:

From:(Scott Rockholm)
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 11:00 PM

I will contact the IRS, and I will let them know you are threatening me with 
an audit. I'm sure your brilliance will allow you to realize it is a felony 
to make such threats. You are one of the dumbest people I have ever met.

Email 2:
From:(Scott Rockholm)
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:28 PM

You will retract your lies, or I will sue your ass off. You will also 
publicly apologize. I spent three hours with my attorney today, and you are 
exposed. If you want to play, I am ready. The move is yours, and you have 
one hour to do it. Steve Alder and Billijo are going to be served very soon. 
You will also lose your bonding. The next time you choose to be a scum bag, 
you better think twice. 

Email 3:
From:(Scott Rockholm)
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:54 PM

Well, you play your hand, and I will do what I have to do. You are a liar, 
period. Good luck with the audit dumb ass. 

Email 4:
From:(Scott Rockholm)
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:12 PM

You are a stupid SOB aren't you. Do you understand your actions, or are you 
drunk? GFY

Email 5:
From:(Scott Rockholm)
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:02 PM

Reading your posts, and you are a absolute liar. Remember, you should be 
very cautious. Slander and liable will sink your stupid ass.

Email 6:
On Aug 13, 2012 5:07 PM, <> (Scott Rockholm) wrote: 

I knew you would turn out to be a back stabbing scum bag. A liar too.


Email 7: 

From: "" Date: Monday, August 13, 2012 5:40 PM
To:   (Scott Rockholm)
Subject: Re:

Go ahead,tell me about your conversation with Fred Trevey again,you know the one where the summit got shut down. You are so phony

Email 8:

-----Original Message-----
From: Scott Rockholm
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 8:27 PM

I never lied one time you tool. Support? You made a donation, a day before the first of the year, so you could write it off. You are slandering my name, and you are liable. This exposes you to a legal action, and yes, I promise I  will follow through. You are a flat out lying bastard, and I will prove damages. Do you doubt me? 
Keep it up DH, and I will show you.

Even Mr. Rockholm's closest and most loyal subjects recognize his "Dark Moods"!


Dark Moods



Mr. Rockholm's love for the ranchers!




Mr. Rockholms love of Rocky Mountain elk Foundation