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Idaho For Wildlife"The Fall from the Summit," The truth about the 2011-2014  Idaho Fish and game Wildlife Summit's real agenda

How vigilant Sportsmen fought desperately to save the Lolo elk Zone


4-10-17 Jim Beers on wolf diseases and reforming the ESA

3-26-2017, Understanding the threat of The Great Northern Landscape Conservation cooperative

2-23-2017  Idaho For Wildlife wins lawsuit over wolf hunting contest!

January 1-4, Salmon, Idaho Predator hunting contest! 

  A Wolf in Anti-wolf clothing!" Sportsmen beware of this man and his fraudulent $ campaign's! 

Pro Wolf Nut jobs take on Donald Trump!

 Sage Grouse in Idaho:  IDFG fact based science has "Climate Change" as a bigger killer than predation!

8-12-16 Banning trapping in Russia leads to explosion of wolves, severe livestock predation leading to poverty and a bounty on wolves! rates Defenders of Wildlife and warns contributors to not get "sucked into the lies and deceptions!"

6-17-2014:  Anti-Hunters Losing the Battle as Data Shows Significant Rise In Female Hunters

3-22-2014,  Sun Valley colt killing- dog mangling wolf finally brought down!

2-28-2014, Long Range Tactical hunters join State and Federal officials in hunt for killer wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho

2-23-2014, 10 days after colt was killed below, killer wolf returns to the same site and attacks two dogs!

2-13-2014 Even with an aggressive stallion nearby to protect it, one wolf bite was all it took to kill this beautiful young colt!

   12-2013  Salmon Idaho Predator Derby

3-10-2014  Animal rights activists and their death fetishes.


   How can you have an elk plan when you don't count your elk and you haven't a clue how many you have?

 New Idaho elk harvest graphs from 1989-2012. You won't believe you're eyes what wolves have done to Idaho's elk! 

2-2014 Dr. David Mech, the man who invented "Balance of nature", refutes his own claim. Says "Balance of Nature"


10-15-2013- BC  Forest Safety council issues a Safety Alert about a Close call-wolf pack encounter!

9-14-2013- Idaho Hunter Captures bear attack on Smartphone

 8-19-2013- Wolves kill 176 sheep in Idaho in one night! Feds say stay away!

8-14-2013-The Future of North American Wolves, Interview with Dr. Valerius Geist


Top 20 Largest bull elk of all time

2-11-2013-Idaho Senator rejects Hurlock's confirmation as fish and game commissioner


6-16-2012 Wolf case won't go to the supreme court

3-8-2012 SFW Founder Don Peay Declares that North American Hunting Model is 'Socialism'

3-2012 Utah Hunters Criticize Market Approach to Licenses and Conservation

3-2012 Idaho Governor Butch Otter on Wolves, "We don't want them here"!

9-15-2012 Michigan Archery Hunter Survives Idaho Grizzly Attack

The "Outdoorsman" Jan-2012 Do you have the courage to admit the truth?

1-2012 Good video explaining the "wild lands project".

1-11-2012 14 cattle trucks burned in arson at Harris Ranch by Animal-rights activists

12-21-2011 MT Governor halts federal wildlife shipments - 10th Amendment

12-4-2011 Elk Stuns Idaho Zoo Keepers as it rescues hapless marmot from his water trough!

11-5-2011 Jim Beers: "Why they love Predators".

10-8-2011 Portage Grizzly Bear Attack while duck hunting. Is this our future with an unmanaged grizzly?

10-12-2011 Idaho Women Becomes The Hunted In Idaho Wolf Attack


10-2011 "Crying Wolf the Movie" ,A must see!

9-15-2011 Young Idaho girl harvests bull while archery hunting full of hydatid cysts........(More here)

9-7-2011 Feds drop Against Bonners Ferry Man Who Killed Grizzly

7-10-2011- Dr.Charles Kay joins IFW members and IDFG commissioners on horseback for a day of wolf political education

5-30-2011-George Dovel's newest Outdoorsman- New wolf Bill-is it a wildlife recovery solution?

4-7-2011-Idaho Senate supports bill to declare emergency for wolf management

3-31-2011-Idaho Fish and Game announces new director, Virgil Moore

10-28-2010-MT Hunters experience bad encounter with Flathead wolf pack

10-20-2010-The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda - Part One by Boone and Crockett.pdf

10-19-2010: Idaho No Longer Feds Designated Agent For Managing Wolves

10-19-2011: IDFG Director Cal Groen charged with trespassing near Elk City

9-20-2010-Hunter and guide in Idaho's Selway have close encounter with bold wolves.pdf

7-31-2010: Dr. Valerious Geist's letter to Steve Alder regarding the dangers of hydatid diseases

7-28-2010: 1 dead and 2 inured in grizzly bear attack in MT campground

6-15-2010: Idaho Outfitters only kill 2 wolves in special hunt, Dr. Geist says, "Hunting will not control wolves".

Alaska Wolf Control does Work

5-2010- NRA's , American Hunter magazine article, "Who IS Crying Wolf?

Anytime we need a reminder just  how ignorant, shallow and fanatical the radical environmentalists are…… take a look at the following website and review some of the comments

"The Outdoorsman" finally reveals the truth about the illegal Idaho Wolf introduction! Idaho F&G Director Warns F&G Commission Not to Show Controversial Wolf Documents to Public

4-1-2010 "Decline of elk and elk depredation by wolves" by Gene Eastman

 4-8-2010 RMEF response letter to Defenders

2-27-2010: Governor Otter requests much needed wolf bill to be "suppressed"!

1-2010: Dr. Valerius Geist's comments regarding hydatid wolf diseases.

12-10-09: George Dovel's newest "Outdoorsman", Provides the most comprehensive wolf information to date. 

9-3-2009: Hunter badmouthed and harassed over legal wolf harvest

9-1-2009: Judge weighs wolf decision as Idaho hunters head out

8-2009:  Idaho legislative report estimates Idaho is loosing 24M in revenue due to wolves!

8-28-2009: Wolves sport kill 120 sheep near Dillon, MT

8-17-2009: Idaho announces a Fall Wolf hunt to harvest 220 wolves

7-15-2009: Greater Yellowstone elk suffer worse nutrition and lower birth rates due to wolves